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How to apply for the visa to China?Considerate guide to help you easily get lice



How long is the visa valid?

There are two main types of work visas in China: one-year multiple visa (you can enter China freely during the validity period of the visa) and one-time visa (you can leave and re-enter China once during the validity period of the visa). You can enter China with the work visa before 24:00 on the expiry date.

Work permit conditions for foreigners in China:

1. At least 18 years old, in good health.

2. Possess the necessary professional skills and relevant work experience for the job.

3. No criminal record.

4. Have a valid passport or other substitute international travel document.

5. The position to be engaged in should have special needs, and there is a temporary shortage of appropriate candidates in China, and it does not violate relevant national regulations.

6. Certificates of birth, marital status, educational background, work experience, etc


The work permit process for foreigners in China is as follows:

1. Open the service management system for foreigners in China.

2. Online declaration of foreigners' information.

3. Apply for the Notice of Foreigner Work Permit.

4. Confirmation letter of work invitation in China.

5. Foreigners apply for work visas at local Chinese embassies/ports.

6. Within 24 hours after entry, report to the local police station for accommodation registration.

7. Go to the local port hospital for physical examination.

8. Apply for Foreigner's Work Permit.

9. Go to the Public Security Bureau to apply for the residence permit visa.

Materials required:

1. Passport:

One original passport with blank visa page and one photocopy of passport photo page valid for more than 6 months.

2. Visa Application Form and Photos:

One copy of the Visa Application Form of the People's Republic of China and one recent passport photo with a light color background and no cap posted on the application form.

3. Proof of Legal Stay or Residence (Applicable to visa applicants who are not in the country of nationality) :

If you apply for a visa outside your country of nationality, you must provide valid proof of legal stay, residence, work or study in your country or the original and copy of your valid visa.

4. Original Chinese passport or original Chinese visa (for those who once held Chinese nationality but later became a foreign nationality) :